What are the searches that a solicitor conducts during a property purchase in London?

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During a property purchase in the UK, a solicitor will conduct various searches to check for any potential issues with the property. The types of searches that are typically conducted include:

  1. Local authority search: This search is conducted with the local council and provides information about the property and the surrounding area. It will include information on planning permissions, building control history, and any enforcement notices or restrictions affecting the property.
  2. Water and drainage search: This search provides information on the water supply and drainage systems serving the property. It will also reveal whether the property is connected to the mains water and sewerage system, or if it relies on a private supply or septic tank.
  3. Environmental search: This search checks for any potential environmental issues affecting the property or the surrounding area. It will include information on contamination, flooding, subsidence, and other environmental hazards.
  4. Chancel repair liability search: This search checks whether the property is subject to chancel repair liability, which is a legal obligation to contribute towards the cost of repairs to the local parish church.
  5. Mining search: If the property is in an area with a history of mining, a mining search may be conducted to check for any potential subsidence or mining-related issues.
  6. Land registry search: This search provides information on the ownership of the property and any existing charges or restrictions on the property.

The searches that are conducted will depend on the location and type of property being purchased, as well as any specific concerns or issues that have been identified. It’s important to work closely with your solicitor to ensure that all necessary searches are conducted and any potential issues are identified and addressed.

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