What is the process for renewing a tenancy agreement in London?

Renewing a tenancy agreement in the UK typically involves the following steps:

  1. Discuss renewal with the tenant: Before the end of the tenancy agreement, discuss with the tenant whether they would like to renew the tenancy or move out. If the tenant would like to renew, you can begin the renewal process.
  2. Negotiate new terms: If both parties agree to renew the tenancy, negotiate new terms for the renewal, such as the rental price, length of the new tenancy, and any changes to the terms of the agreement.
  3. Draft the new tenancy agreement: Once you’ve agreed on the new terms, draft a new tenancy agreement that reflects the updated terms. You can use a template agreement or have a solicitor or letting agent draft the agreement for you.
  4. Sign the new tenancy agreement: Once the new tenancy agreement is drafted, both you and the tenant should sign it to indicate your agreement to the new terms.
  5. Serve the tenant with a copy: Once the new tenancy agreement is signed, serve the tenant with a copy of the agreement, as well as any required documents, such as an updated gas safety certificate or energy performance certificate.
  6. Collect the deposit and rent: Collect any required deposit and rent payments in accordance with the new tenancy agreement.

It’s important to remember that if the tenant has a fixed-term tenancy, you cannot renew the tenancy without the tenant’s agreement. If the tenant does not agree to renew, the tenancy will end on the agreed end date. If the tenant has a periodic tenancy, the tenancy will continue on a rolling basis until either party gives notice to end the tenancy.

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